Madrid, December 2017 Part 2

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Welcome back……….

Days 4 plan was to go to Madrid Zoo located in Casa de Campo the biggest park in Madrid. Metro journey was under 45 mins. Park entry fee was at a reasonable 22 euros. Most of the animals in the zoo were the same in most zoo animals. Such as elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, lemurs, gorillas and many more. You name it they had. There was animal’s which I had never seen before in zoos before including brown bears, pandas and dolphins.


What made this zoo special in the they had a dolphin; seal lion and birds of prey shows all in Spanish which I had no idea what they were saying but still good something to watch and observe. Lunch was pancakes with Nutella from a stall as most of the restaurants were closed which was a disappointment to say the least but then again it was the middle of December.

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After the pancake had been gobbled down it was time to head inside to the aquarium to see the marine life. It was designed to walk around each part of the world in what you would find in each ocean from all types of fish to turtles to the massive predators that are sharks.

One of the many turtles

Day 5 was split between the former light tower named Faro De Moncloa, Madrid’s cable car Teleferico de Madrid and the financial district at night.

25188707_1595883613822701_1702322269409952569_oSo, Faro De Moncola was a former light tower they say which I guess means a lighthouse but who knows. The tower stands at 110 metres high built-in 1992. What makes this popular which drew me to the tower is it as an observation deck on the very top with panoramic views and just my luck it was a dull day so you couldn’t see as far as one would hope to see.

Faro De Moncola from the ground

The price to go to the top was as cheap as 2 euros. I was told you could only spend 30 minutes up there but being the photographer, I am I spent a bit more than 30 minutes but they weren’t counting so its okay. I just had to make the most of the views. But to get to the top you had to take almost a glass elevator right to the top which wasn’t for the faint hearted as the elevator was outside as it hugged the tower going up and down.



Now it was now on to Teleferico de Madrid. It stretches for 2,457 metres (8,061 ft) over to Casa de Campo. It was built-in 1969 so it’s not bad for a 48-year-old cable car. I was able to get a car to myself which I actually blared music in for some strange reason. The journey took just under 12 minutes from one station to the other. When I had arrived at the other end I was able to get lunch in a very average restaurant one of the only ones that I couldn’t see that was in walking distance. There was a playground for young kids which they made use of and a viewing platform to see Madrid from a different angle you were also able to see the massive amusement park Parque de Atracciones de Madrid. Then I headed back for another 12-minute journey back to where I started from.

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Gate of Europe in the night

Night time had fallen upon the Spanish capital and I was headed north to the financial district of Madrid. I got of 1 metro stop early on purpose so I could walk up to these massive skyscrapers the first two are the Gate of Europe Towers or the KIO Towers. Both at a height of 114 m (374 ft) both towers are leaning at a of inclination of 15°, making them the first inclined skyscrapers in the world.

Torre Pwc 5 Star Hotel

Time to walk to the big ones or commonly know as the four towers business area. They are the tallest sky scrapers in all of Spain. The tallest of them all is Torre de Cristal at 249 meters, then 1 meter below it is the Torre Cepsa at 248 meters. The Torre PwC stands at 236 meters and also holds a 5 star hotel on the lower floors. The smallest of the 4 is the Torre Espacio at 224 meters tall.

Day 5 and final day had arrived. This morning I was going to go see a basketball match between Real Madrid Basketball team versus UCAM Murcia. The match was being held at the WiZink Centre. This was honestly the best 60 euros I have ever spent on. It felt like you were at basketball game in the states so it was 4 quarters of action plus there was even overtime also. Madrid a good few starts well people who never got drafted in the NBA. The match winner Trey Thompkins had spent 3 seasons before this in the NBA. The final score was 87 – 85 to Madrid. Also, at the very end I was able to get a picture with the Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez but his security card was literally the worst photographer in the world.

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Just before I had to catch the metro to the airport I was able to go to the Temble of Debod after the basketball. The Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid. You weren’t allowed inside the temple of its very fragile and was closed off to the public when I was there.

Temple of Debod

Now it was time to leave this wonderful city of Madrid. Muchas Gracias Madrid I’ll be back one day in the future…….




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